Hotels and Multiple Dwellings

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Contact Information

Laura Flagg
Program Coordinator
732-932-3640, ext. 623


The Center for Government Services at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in cooperation with New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, offers a 60-hour course to become a licensed Inspector of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings, and a 60-hour course to become a Housing Code Official.

In December 2001, the regulations for the Maintenance of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings were modified to grant local inspectors the right to enforce those regulations in their own jurisdictions. Licensed inspectors have the privilege of upholding the standards of health and safety for those who occupy hotels and multiple dwellings in New Jersey.

These courses are offered regionally. Groups are formed when enough students have expressed interest.

Course Descriptions

Inspector of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings

60 hours
Inspectors of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings are authorized to carry out field inspection of hotels and multiple dwellings within an enforcing agency such as a municipality, or for the State of New Jersey, under the supervision of a licensed Housing Code Official in accordance with the State Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law and regulations.

Housing Code Official

60 hours
Housing Code Officials are authorized to act as the first line supervisor in an enforcing agency responsible for the administration and enforcement of the State Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law and regulations.

This course is open to holders of a valid Inspector of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings license. Course topics include a review of the hotel and multiple dwelling law, administration and enforcement, fundamentals of communication, managing inspections and investigations, and testifying at a trial.

Continuing Education

For additional information on how to obtain a Hotel and Multiple Dwelling license and specific licensing requirements, contact the Department of Community Affairs at 609-984-7834.

To see Rutgers Center for Government Services’ full continuing education course offerings for inspectors of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings and Housing Code Officials, visit the web page.


A registration form is available in the Downloads box on the right sidebar of this web page. Student tuition is $300, and payment can be made in the form of a check, money order or purchase order made payable to “Treasurer, State of New Jersey.” Payment must accompany the application. Send all correspondence and payments to:

Hotels and Multiple Dwellings Program
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Center for Government Services
303 George Street, Suite 604
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-2020

Or fax to 732-932-3586.

Upon receipt of the completed application and payment, a class space will be reserved; no confirmation will be sent. The university reserves the right to cancel any course without sufficient enrollment.

Class Cancellation Policy

Rutgers Center for Government Services reserves the right to cancel any course or seminar. The Center will notify all students enrolled in a course that has been canceled and the information will be posted on the Center website. Students will be given a choice of receiving a full refund for courses canceled by the Center or exercising the option to enroll in the same course at a different location (if one is available) or another course that is offered during the same semester. In the event there is a difference in course fees between the course that was canceled and the alternate course, an adjustment will be made.

If the student wishes to enroll in a course that is offered in during a future semester, the tuition payment will be held in an escrow account and the student will pay the difference in costs if the registration fee of the alternative course is more expensive. If the fees for the alternative course are less, the student will receive a refund for the difference. A student may not select an alternative course that has a prerequisite if the prerequisite has not been met.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy

Rutgers Center for Government Services will refund the full course fees minus a $25 charge for processing to students who notify the Center of their intent to withdraw from a class in writing at least two (2) business days before the class is scheduled to start. Failure to notify the Center within that time period will result in forfeiture of all fees.

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